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The Google+ Directory is a collection of profiles received from Google+. Only the most relevant records have been included, based upon each person's Followers, and the data that is provided in each profile. For example, we have omitted profiles that only contain Chinese characters.

Each page displays 20 profiles. The bottom of the page contains [Next] and [Previous] buttons, to display additional pages.


The top of the page contains 4 textboxes, and 2 dropdown boxes, where you may enter criteria which will determine the profiles that are displayed. Although the Directory only displays the first 50 characters of each field, the search is performed upon the first 250 characters of each field.

You may enter partial matches into each textbox, and the search is not case sensitive. For example, entering Mark in the textbox above the Name heading will retrieve "Mark Wahlberg" and "Mark Cuban".

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th textboxes apply to either of the headings that are shown beneath them. For example, entering MATH in the textbox above the Occupation heading will retrieve records for people who have the word "math" (upper or lower case) in either their Occupation OR Employer or School fields.

The 2 dropdown boxes on the right side of the screen allow you to enter criteria for Gender and Relationship.

If you enter criteria into multiple fields, then the profiles must match all the criteria that you entered. For example, if you select Male from the Gender dropdown, and enter Palo Alto in the textbox above the Location heading, then profiles will be displayed for Males that have "Palo Alto" in either their Location OR Skills fields.

The [Clear All Criteria] button removes all characters from the 4 textboxes, and clears the selections in the 2 dropdown boxes, so all profiles are displayed.


By default, the directory displays the profiles with the most Followers first.

You may Sort the directory by clicking any Field heading. Clicking the same heading a second time will cause the Profiles to be Sorted in the opposite order.

For example, clicking the Name heading causes the profiles to be sorted by Name in Ascending order. Clicking the Name heading a second time causes the profiles to be sorted by Name in Descending order.